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IMAA is firmly included in European research programmes and its researchers have coordinated actions in 7 projects of the EU VI Framework Programme (EURORISK-PREVIEW, NEEDS, GRIDCC, GEOMON, EARLINET-ASOS, CYCLOPS, GMOSS, ITARS). Its inclusion in the European context has been gaining ground over the last few months thanks to the start-up of 10 new projects funded within the VII Framework Programme (ACTRIS, DORIS, G-MOSAIC, EUROGEOSS, SAFER, GIGAS, Geoviqua, ModelProbe, ISTIMES, DORIS_NET). Such projects are mostly aimed at the development and integration of Earth Observation techniques as well as data sharing and interoperability in order to be used in the fields of environment, natural risks and homeland security. It is worth noting that IMAA is the coordinator of the EARLINET network consisting of 27 Lidar stations and the ACTRIS infrastructural project. In addition, the Institute takes part in many research programmes promoted by International Institutions (European Space Agency, EUMETSAT, CSIC, CNES) and regularly cooperates with Universities and Research Centres in the USA (NASA  Goddard Space Flight Center, SSEC in Madison, Colorado School of Mines etc…). Moreover, in the field of energy-environmental modeling IMAA is involved in research projects funded within other European programmes (e.g. IEE, URBACT II, LIFE-TCY). 

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