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IMAA is one of the  promoters of a public-private Consortium (TeRN – Technologies for Earth and Natural Risk Observations) which also includes CNR, e-Geos of the Finmeccanica Group, RELUIS Consortium, Createc Consortium and ARPAB. The aim is that of carrying on activities in the field of Earth Observations and natural risk mitigation and prevention. The TeRN Consortium, created on the basis of a Framework Programme Agreement signed by MiUR, MEF and the Basilicata Regional Authority, is the subject actuator of the Basilicata Technological District. IMAA has promoted industrial research projects in cooperation with companies of national importance. ENI has recently funded a project for the integration of in situ electromagnetic techniques and SAR satellite interferometry for the study of hydrogeological upheaval phenomena in Val d’Agri. IMAA is developing a project in cooperation with Selex Galileo funded by the Ministry of Defence – TELEDIFE aiming at the study and the creation of a hyperspectral sensor for military applications. A project is now being carried on with the Italian National Railways for the development of a geoelectrical system for the monitoring of a section of the railway line affected by a landslide. IMAA has cemented relations with local companies, with the Basilicata Confederation of Italian Industry, the Basilicata Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture, Sviluppo Italia Basilicata, as well as the Science Park Area with which protocols of agreement have been stipulated. IMAA has a well-established relation with the territorial system and especially with the productive system which benefits from the Institute’s participation in a large and qualified international environmental research field.  


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