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IMAA is a Competence Centre for the  Department of Civil Protection (D.M. n. 252/06) and member of “Grandi Rischi” national commission  (D.M. 5-12-2017). During the 2018, the institute  has continued to support the Department of Civil Protection in the activities related to seismic microzonation and the geospatial data managing and interoperability. Furthermore, IMAA has increased its cooperation with the Basilicata Regional Authority for the development of innovative methodologies for the prevention of fires, the study of hydrogeological risk and the environmental impact of antrophic activities.  Geophysical monitoring activities were carried out for supporting the Administration of Calabria Region in studying contaminated sites and geochemical and mineralogical measurements were organized for estimating the presence of asbestos components in air particles and materials.

Finally, IMAA has continued to support the Environmental and Biomedical Foundations of the Basilicata region.

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