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IMAA is the Competence Centre for the Department of Civil Defence (Decree n. 252 of 26 February 2006) and throughout 2009 it supported the DCD activities. It stipulated cooperation agreements and/or joint projects with the Basilicata Regional Authority, Potenza Provincial Council, AMRA-Regione Campania, the Lombardia Regional Authority, ARPA Emilia Romagna, Basilicata Basin Authority, the Lucania Agency for the Agriculture Development and Innovation, the National Forest Rangers, the Basilicata Archeological Heritage Superintendence  and many other local institutions. Among the initiatives within the regional field It is worth mentioning the “Val d’Agri” Project aiming at the creation of a “Spatial Data Infrastructure for the Basilicata Region” and some projects for the geochemical characterization  of contaminated sites of national interest. IMAA gave a technical-scientific support to facilitate the Basilicata participation in the NEREUS European initiative  (The European countries for the space), started with an international agreement signed in Toulouse in December 2007.

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