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Dr Filomena Romano, received her Laurea degree in Physics in 1990 from  University of Bologna. In 1992 she joined the Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis (IMAA-CNR), where she got experience on experimental and theoretical studies in atmospheric remote sensing. Cloud detection, cloud clearing and cloud microphysical parameters of infrared and microwave radiance from space-borne sensors are her main activity. She is Co-investigator for the Infrared Atmospheric Sounder Interferometer (IASI) project. She was the co-ordinator of the ASI Italian Project on hydrological cycle for IMAA-CNR. She participates in the EU Project “Global 3-D climatology of atmospheric water vapour from space borne radiometric measurements” She is member of ISSWG (IASI Sounding Science Interferometer),  of ITWG (International TOVS Working Group) and member of SSSP (Sub Group for Satellite Sounder Science and Products).

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