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Dr. Enzo Rizzo is researcher at Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis of National Research Council (CNR-IMAA) since 2005. He received a degree in Geological Science (1999) with honours with a thesis on a develop of a device for the Self Potential Tomography applied for hazard hydrogeological areas. He received a PhD (2003) in Applied Geophysics for hydrogeological problems (Hydrogeophysics). Since the 2006, he is in charge of the Hydrogeosite Laboratory of CNR-IMAA, where a large scale box devoted to electromagnetic and hydraulic surveys for hydrogeological and archaeogeophysical experiments is located. Since the 2012, he is in charge of MISSS research group of CNR-IMAA. He has been involved in national and international project as participant, CNR-IMAA researcher leader and coordinator. His research activities involve the Applied Geophysics by electromagnetic methods (ERT, IP, GPR, EM, SP, GM) for geological, hydrogeological and archaeological applications. Moreover, he is involving on hydrogeophysical applications and archaeogeophysical approaches in order to improve geophysical methodologies and to obtain high resolution surface and deep investigation. He is involving in training and tutorial activity for postgraduate students and he taught Geophysical Prospecting at University of Basilicata. He is active member of EAGE (European Association of Exploration Geophysicists and Engineers) and IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists). He is author of more than 60 papers published on international journals and submitted more than 140 abstract in international workshops and conferences. He served as reviewer several international journals.

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