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The research activity of the ARGON laboratory, in the international context delineated by HORIZON 2020,  is mainly directed to the study of the biosphere using remote sensing techniques and in situ analysis. The specific objectives are the development of algorithms and methodologies concerning the extraction of information from historical data series collected by active and passive sensors (airborne and satellite platforms) for the characterization of phenomena and processes with particular reference to the identification of changes (on various spatial and temporal scales) and the operational monitoring of land degradation, natural and anthropic risks.

  Main activities:

v  Time series analysis and development of algorithms for change detection for operational monitoring of land degradation and natural and anthropic risks:

  • Land degradation
  • Urban sprawl
  • Desertification monitoring
  • Fire monitoring: (i) estimation of hazard / risk by fire, (ii) characterization of the system of rings, (iii) integrated systems for fire detection, (iv) perimeter of the areas covered by the fire, (v) monitoring of recovery Snow vegetation, (vi) estimates of resilience to fire through the use of time-series satellite and ancillary data, (vii) the characterization and modeling of vegetation for estimating the biomass consumption, emissions, fire behavior
  • Monitoring of fire impact on hidrogeological risk and mitigation  strategies


v  Development of algorithms for data fusion, edge detction, and pattern recognition for archaeological and paleoenvironmental studies for investigating the dynamics of anthropogenic environmental

  •  Identification and characterization of buried structures of archaeological interest
  • reconstruction of paleoenvironmental scenarios aimed at understanding the mutual relationships between the dynamics of environmental change and evolutionary processes of human presence;


v  Time series data analysis and information extraction



Cultural Heritage Department

Department of Earth Sciences and Environment


Projects in progress:



  • 12th EARSeL Forest Fires SIG Workshop | 3-5 October 2019 | CNR - Rome, Italy

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