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The activities the group of Micro and biominerals in environmental and human health issues focus on the role played by micro minerals (including clay minerals) in environmental processes as well as their impact on human health. The main ongoing activities (2011-2013programme) are the following:

  • speciation of metals in the presence of clay minerals in contaminated areas; 
  • experimental alteration of chrysolite and tremolite as well as the development of models for the assessment of asbestos risks; 
  • mineralogical and chemical characterization of atmospheric particulate; 
  • synthesis of zeolites from fly ash at low temperatures and their application in the treatment of contaminated soils and waters; 
  • analysis of the mineralogical and geochemical factors in land degradation phenomena (erosion, salinisation, landslides) and water quality; 
  • application of geomaterials mainly composed of clay in the fields of medicine and mud therapy.


Scientific Responsible: SAVERIO FIORE

CNR Project: Natural Hazards, Environmental and anthropogenic

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Curriculum Vitae of the scientific responsible

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