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The Group’s research goal is that of contributing to the understanding of the microphysics properties of atmospheric thermodynamical processes, clouds, and precipitation. The main activities of the research Group are:

  • development of multispectral techniques (VIS/IR/MW) for the detection and classification of clouds, the study of cloud-aerosol interactions, the retrieval of water vapour and cloud liquid and ice water columnar content, and, finally, for temperature and humidity profiling; 
  • development of combined IR/MW techniques with rapid updates for the detection of convective clouds and the retrieval of precipitations;
  • analysis of the information coming from MW-to-VIS spectral bands for the retrieval of the optical and microphysical characteristics of clouds and precipitations;
  • integration of satellite and ground-based observations in order to improve the retrieval accuracy of atmospheric parameters;
  • development of techniques for the dynamical retrieval of solar irradiance at Earth surface in clear and cloudy conditions.

More Info: SATCLOP satclop

Scientific Responsible: FILOMENA ROMANO

CNR Project: Earth Observation

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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