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In the last national evaluation of the research quality VQR (2011-2014) carried by ANVUR agency, IMAA was classified as the first institute within the network of the Italian Research Public Bodies for the topic “Earth Science”. In 2019 the researchers have published about 109 papers on the international journals with peer-review system. The number of publications/year is increased respect to the publication rate of the previous years  (about  20%  of  the mean number of papers published in the period 2016-2018 on international journal with peer-review system), it is of worth attention that is increased the quality of scientific production (IFmean=3.48 with about  the 51% of papers falling in the Q1 category and 30% in Q2). Many papers have been published in top-leading international journals (i.e. Remote Sensing of Environment, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, Atmospheric Environment, Engineering Geology, Microporous and mesoporous materials, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews). Finally, there is a strong capacity to promote the international collaborations: about the  50%  of the scientific products is characterized by the presence of a foreign researcher within the author list.


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