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Researcher of IMAA-CNR (Italian Research Council, Institute for Environmental Monitoring) since 2001
She is responsible for the ARGON laboratory (Earth Observation for ARchaeoloGy and EnvirONment).
Since 2007 she has been responsible for the following CNR Research Commitments: (i) “Integrated Earth Observation technologies for archaeology and landscape archaeology since 2007 (PC.P01.001.003)” and (ii) "Palaeoenvironmental transformations induced by human activities by using remote and in situ data analysis (RSTL.055.010)”.
She has been a Professor of microwave at the University of Basilicata since 2010 and a Permanent Member of the PhD committee (2006-present) of "Ingegneria dell'Ambiente" at the DIFA University of Basilicata.
She set up and currently chairs the special interest group " Remote Sensing for natural and cultural heritage" of the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) in cooperation with and supported by UNESCO.
She has authored about 200 publications among papers in international journals, books, book chapters, papers in proceedings of international conferences on: Remote Sensing for environmental monitoring, risk assessment, mitigation and modelling, time series analysis, Remote sensing for archaeology and environmental studies.
Her dominant scientific interest focuses on: the operative use of EO techniques mainly in the fields of archaeology and environment in order to concentrate on: i) fire risk monitoring ii) interactions between humans and environment systems; iii) Anthropology: mainly land use practices and their effects on ecosystems; iv) innovative active and passive remote-sensed technology (LIDAR, multi-and hyper-spectral high resolution) for archaeological prospection and landscape archaeology.

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