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The Data Centre of the Institute of Methodologies for the Environmental Analysis provides the personnel with services concerning both IT and the research field.
The heart of the hardware infrastructure consists of a highly performing (hpc) server (double CPU 12 core, 96 Gb RAM) and a Storage Area Network (
Fiber Channel 8 Gb/s).

The network infrastructure is composed of 10 Gb/s optical fibre connections
for the backbone and a local area network wire end at 1 Gb/s.
The connection with the Global Internet is assured by the Consortium GARR, to which CNR belongs, through an optical fibre connection with a symmetric bandwidth at 1 Gbit/s.

The CED distinguishing feature is security, in order to protect not only the ordinary activity but also the large amount of data stored. It has just started to operate together with the already existing border firewall, a new-generation firewall which works up to the
application layer 7 of the ISO/OSI stack.
This firewall has also allowed the institute to be able to use the IPv6 protocol together with the v4 version.
Currently, the main utilizable IPv6 and IPv4 services are the Web Server (, the Mail Server (,
DNS (,, plus other servers which
run mailing lists, DHCP, Wi-Fi authentication, FTP and
so on.

These services mainly work on Linux operating systems
by using software such as "Open Source".

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