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Lidar laboratory scientific activity is addressed to atmospheric study through use and integration of different, active and passive, remote sensing techniques, available at CIAO, the CNR-IMAA Atmospheric Observatory.

It was established in 1991, with the main objective of atmosphere characterization by means of the lidar (Light Detection And Ranging) technique, that allows the vertical profiling of atmospheric parameters of of climatological, environmental, and  meteorological interest with high resolution in space and time.

During the years, the research activity of the laboratory has been extended with the enhancement of the observing capability through the acquisition of new instruments, aiming to integrate data provided by the several instruments operative at CIAO.

The scientific activity is in line with this advanced research area for aerosol study. In particular, the CNR-IMAA coordinates the European network EARLINET (European Aerosol Research lidar Network).


More details can be found on the CIAO observatory website at

An overview of the instrumentation operative at the atmospheric observatory CIAO.

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