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IMAA cooperates intensively with other CNR Institutes and Universities, especially with the University of Basilicata. IMAA finances Doctorate Grants directly, and involves a very large number of final-year students in the experimental activities carried out in its laboratories. The Institute cooperates with the most important national research centres, the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Geophysics and Volcanology Institute (INGV) and the University Consortia (CNIT, CNISM, RELUIS). At present, it is coordinating the research activities within the framework of the MORFEO, CIRCE and SAP4PRISMA projects funded by the Italian Space Agency, aiming at the development and integration of Earth Observation Techniques for the landslide and coast monitoring and their application in agriculture.
IMAA has been in charge of numerous projects funded by MiUR, especially the “Development of Atmospheric Measurement Radiation Site” project regarded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research  ( as a national best-practice example.


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