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The research activity is mainly addressed to atmospheric studies (PBL, troposphere and stratosphere) using remote sensing and in situ techniques. It is carried out in the frame of the GEOSS international context and of the main ground based observing networks (EARLINET, CloudNet, AERONET, NDACC, GRUAN, GALION, BSRN), to support several satellite missions (NASA, ESA, JAXA) and in cooperation with modelers community (ECMWF, AEROCOM etc.). The main goal is the 4D atmospheric characterization through systematic observations of atmospheric parameters of climatological, environmental, and meteorological interest.

Main activities:

  • Characterization of optical and microphysical properties of aerosol and clouds;
  • Validation of transport models and NWPM;
  • Integration of ground-based optical, active and passive, and gravimetric techniques for aerosol characterization;
  • Development of new lidar systems;
  • Calibration and validation of satellite data;
  • Integration of ground-based and satellite data for 4D atmospheric characterization;
  • Observation representativity studies.

Scientific Responsible: GELSOMINA PAPPALARDO

Project: Osservazioni della Terra

Dipartimento Scienze della Terra e dell’Ambiente

Curriculum Vitae of the scientific responsible

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