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The scenario and the international context is mainly delineated by the European programme called GMES - Global Monitoring for Environment and Security. In such a context the group’s research activity focuses on the development and experimentation of OT techniques as well as original algorithms for remote sensing data analysis and the characterization and the modelling of surface processes and the phenomena linked to natural, environmental and anthropic risks, and for the study of the space-time dynamics which affect their development. The specific aims concern the development of algorithms and methodologies relating to the entire chain of multi and hyperspectral  OT data processing: from the acquisition to pre-processing, from the phenomenon characterization/parameterization to the definition of products with an added value, from data analysis and interpretation to the implementation of procedures integrating multiplatform observations, to pre-operating experimentation. 

Scientific responsible: NICOLA PERGOLA

CNR Project: Earth Observation

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

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